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The distinguishing characteristics of PCD and CBN superhard cutting tools



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The distinguishing characteristics of PCD and CBN superhard cutting tools

The distinguishing characteristics of PCD and CBN superhard cutting tools

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2021/03/25 11:09
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PCD tool and CBN knife have what difference and characteristics?

In the CNC machining center, CNC knife has a lot of, PCD tool and CBN tool belong to the super hard tool, many people may also distinguish their performance characteristics, today let's say PCD tool and CBN knife has what characteristics.

1. PCD cutting tool

PCD cutting tool is also called artificial polycrystalline diamond, so it can be called diamond PCD cutting tool, generally used for non-ferrous metal processing, such as copper, aluminum alloy, steel, hard alloy, graphite, fiber materials and high hard wear-resistant material finishing.And it has the characteristics of long service life, high production efficiency, high surface finish and high machining precision.Compared with the hard alloy processing efficiency is high, compared with the natural diamond knife cost is low, so it is widely used in automobile, diesel engine, motorcycle, aerospace, home appliances, instruments, precision machinery and other industries.


2.  CBN tool

CBN and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride superhard cutting tools, dedicated to finish machining, mainly is the cutting of hardened steel, alloy steel, tool steel, die steel, manganese steel, spring steel, bearing, chilled cast iron, high chromium cast iron and grey cast iron, powder metallurgy, Ni and CO base superalloy rockwell hardness in (HRC45-80 °) between all kinds of difficult processing and high hardness of the steel.

CBN tool features:

1. Good finish: the surface finish can reach between (RA0.6-RA0.8);

2, super hard wear resistance: high hardness tool wear resistance;

3, high cutting speed: high speed cutting speed can effectively improve the processing efficiency and reduce costs.




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