Demina Will Attend China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2014(CCMT2014)

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BeijingDeminaPrecisionMachineryCo.,Ltd.WillattendtheInternationalMouldandMetalProcessingExhibitionXVofDongwan13-16November,2013.  Theexhibitioninformation:  Time:onNovember13-16,2013  Location:Guangdo

Demina Will Attend China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2014(CCMT2014)

  Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Will attend the International Mould and Metal Processing Exhibition XV of Dongwan 13-16 November, 2013.

  The exhibition information:

  Time: on November 13-16, 2013

  Location: Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center

  Booth: 4 B15


  DMP - Global Industry Event, bring you to the buyer closely.

  The largest mold, plastic and metal processing machinery exhibition in south of China ; Most visiters most assurance of visitors quality ;

  The exhibition has most powerful and constantly updated buyers database south of China and even all over the world's ;

  A huge propaganda campaign throughout the country and overseas, especially focus on inviting the buyers of provinces and cities and overseas;

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