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BT-150H PCD Tool Grinding Machine

The base of machine is made of solid casting with high quality. It can meet grinding requirements of any hard material.

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  • I.  Features:

    1. Mechanical Structure: The base of machine is made of solid casting with high quality. It can meet grinding requirements of any hard material.

    2. Grinding Spindle: With high precision and variable frequency, the direct-drive spindle power is 3 Kw, max speed is 4000 r/min. The inner of spindle is cooled by recycling water. The axial run-out is 0.002 mm and radial run-out is 0.003 mm .

    3. The feed slider is driven by constant pressure air, ensuring high production efficiency and good finish on cutting edges.

    4. Auxiliary work: pneumatic feeding device can realize fast forward and fast rewind of the grinding wheel, and can save 70% auxiliary operation time.

    5. Wheel Oscillation: The grinding wheel oscillation is controlled by PLC program and move very smoothly. Oscillation length, position and frequency are adjustable on the panel;

    6. CCD Measurement: Tool CCD image can be displayed, observed and measured on line with help of hairline.

    7. Declination Lock: The grinding spindle declines along the circular guide smoothly and radial lock can be made, greatly enhancing the rigidity of the equipment. After declination, the center line of the grinding wheel keeps the same height due to special mechanical design,so coarse and fine grinding can be made without declination adjustment.


    II.   Technical Breakthrough

    1. No vertical axis: vertical shaft lifting is not necessary because of height adjusting fixture on the workbench, greatly enhances the stability and rigid of the equipment.

    2. Stable feed: in order to avoid periodic impact, the machine to be equipped with flexible feed of air pressure device, effectively improve the roughness of the tool edge.

    3. Grinding wheel tilt angle is online-controlled by servo motor. The primary and secondary relief angle can be reground at one clamping and avoid the manual-operated error due to the automatic adjustment of the tilt angle.

    4. Grinding wheel integration: only once clamping, finish and coarse grinding can be done on one grinding wheel. It makes the regrinding more efficient and more accurate.  

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