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  • Type 1-32 / 100A is a full-featured, easy-to-operate drill grinder that can be manually sharpened during grinding to grind various commonly used drill bits and step drills. 1-32 / 101A type with automatic hydraulic swing wheel head, can work continuously, suitable for carbide boring tools, drill bits and step drilling. Wheel head automatically swing to facilitate the operation and extend the life of the wheel, you can greatly improve the grinding efficiency. The drill grinder with a flexible grinding method (rotary grinding method and reciprocating grinding method) can grind many types of hungry drill bits, including arc shovel back-angle drill bits and self-centering flat relief drill bits, of which Self-centering flat rear angle drill is widely used in machining centers. These two machines require very little maintenance and are known for their high performance / price ratio in similar products. They always get people's favor when not considering complicated CNC equipment.

    The main technical parameters:

    1, drill diameter range: 1 ~ 32 mm
    2, bit length: unlimited
    3, drill sharp angle range: 60 degrees to 180 degrees
    4, drill tip angle after cutting: to 15 degrees
    5, wheel diameter: 150 mm
    6, grinding wheel shaft power: 0.8 kilowatts
    7, wheel speed: 2800 r / min
    8, equipment net weight: 245 kg

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