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CNC Tool Grinding Machine



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CNC Tool Grinding Machine


Bt-150DS is a six axis CNC tool grinder, which is composed of six axes: grinding wheel swing axis (x axis), workpiece feed axis (Y axis), grinding wheel vertical motion axis (Z axis), workpiece horizontal rotation axis (c axis), tool indexing axis (a axis) and grinding wheel inclination angle (b axis). The machine tool is suitable for the production and grinding of medium and large quantities of alloy blades, PCD blades, CBN blades and rotary alloy or superhard tools. As long as the alignment is completed and the switch is pressed, the system will automatically complete the grinding under the action of the gravity of the heavy hammer, realizing the ideal state of "constant pressure grinding and flexible feeding". Due to the high hardness of diamond material (PCD) and the rapid wear of grinding wheel, the system can automatically detect and compensate this wear, and can maintain the dimensional accuracy of grinding for a long time.


The machine tool is equipped with on-line diamond grinding wheel measuring probe and BT-150DZ automatic grinding machine. Various types of grinding programs can be stored, and the envelope grinding method can be realized. It is suitable for the manufacture of hub cutter, grooving cutter and other cutters.


BT-150D 4-Axis CNC (PCD&PCBN) tool grinder is made of grinding wheel oscillation axis(X-axis), rotation axis in the horizontal plane(C-axis), feedaxis(Y-axis). The tool grinder is reliable in performance and it is suitable for massive production of carbide inserts, PCD and CBN inserts.


DM series five axis CNC tool grinder can process cutting tools made of high-speed steel, hard alloy and stainless steel. Milling cutter: flat head cutter, taper flat head cutter, round nose cutter, taper round nose cutter, ball head cutter and taper ball head cutter. Reamers: straight slot reamers, taper straight slot reamers, spiral reamers, taper spiral reamers. Drill bits: straight groove drill, spiral groove drill, straight groove step drill, spiral groove step drill.

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