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Bt-150N Superhard (PCD & PCBN) Tool Grinder

BT-150N is a four axis CNC tool grinder, which is composed of four axes: grinding wheel swing axis (x axis), grinding wheel inclination angle (b axis), workpiece horizontal rotation axis (c axis) and workpiece feed axis (Y axis). The workpiece feed axis (Y axis) is equipped with grating ruler for closed-loop position feedback to ensure micron grinding accuracy. The machine tool is suitable for the production of medium and large quantities of alloy inserts, PCD inserts and CBN inserts. As long as the alignment is completed and the switch is pressed, the system will automatically complete the grinding under the action of the gravity of the heavy hammer, realizing the ideal state of "constant pressure grinding and flexible feeding". The machine tool can be switched to manual mode through the control panel, so as to adapt to the production mode of small and medium-sized batch and multiple varieties.

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